Our Services

Cranial Sacral Therapy

Cranial Sacral Therapy is a subtle yet potent modality that at it's purest essence takes you back to your center; it reminds you of who you really are so your system can resource itself and heal.  The cranial sacral system is comprised of the bones of the head, spine and sacrum, the soft tissues surrounding them and the cerebral spinal fluid within them.  By evaluating and manipulating this system, physical and emotional traumas, injuries, stresses and dis-eases can be honored, unwound and released and the system can find balance and health.  This modality works directly and intimately with the nervous system, which is the control center of the body, and in effect when the nervous system is in balance, the entire organism has the opportunity for optimal function.  Many  clients find this therapy to invoke an unparalleled state of relaxation, spiritual in nature.

Classic symptoms treated with Cranial Sacral Therapy include but are not limited to:

  • Migraines
  • TMJ
  • Back Pain
  • Vertigo
  • Tinitis
  • Sciatica
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Headaches


Polarity Therapy

Polarity Therapy is a dynamic, energetic healing modality which is a synthesis of Eastern and Western medicines ranging from Ayurveda, Osteopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chiropractic and Yoga. Based on universal truths, energy, anatomy, physiology and spirituality, Polarity Therapy works with the physical, emotional, mental and energetic bodies to help redistribute stagnant energy in a balanced way to optimize vitality, expression and the pulsation of life.  A client can present with literally any challenge in their body or their life and the practitioner will organically create a customized session that may include verbal processing, energetic exercises, nutrition suggestions, bodywork or sound healing methods to facilitate shift.  This modality helps clients to gain self-awareness of their bodies and their lives and how they relate with each other, which in turn supports self-empowerment, the priceless tool for healing.  

If Cranial Sacral Therapy treats the core of the being, then Polarity Therapy facilitates the periphery and beyond.  When integrated in a session, the possibilities are endless.  As above, so below.  As within, so without.